Kumbolo Lake Camping Tour 2 Days


Kumbolo Lake Camping Tour 2 Days

Kumbolo Lake Camping Tour 2 Days | Ranu Rumbolo is a lake on the slopes of Mount Semeru which is located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, with an area of 15 hectares more precisely located in Lumajang Regency, Malang, East Java.

Kumbolo Lake location is a favorite place for lovers of trekking trips to Semeru and as a place of rest (Camping) for participants who want to Climb Semeru, but in addition to Climbing to Mount Semeru not infrequently tourists also deliberately only visit the Ranu Pane Lumajang Tourism or tour to Lake Kumbolo alone, with the aim of staying overnight and witness and explore the beauty of Lake Ranu Kumbolo Lake, both Sunrise in Ranu Kumbolo, Sunset Ranu Kumbolo or the natural feel of Kumbolo which is studded with glittering sky stars (Milky Way in Kumbolo Lake).

Kumbolo Lake Camping Tour 2 Days starting from several lanes Apart from Malang - Tumpang - Njemplang - Ranu Pane - Ranu Kumbolo, for access, routes and paths to the location of Ranu Kumbolo you can also choose Ranu Kumbolo from Surabaya, with the Surabaya - Pasuruan - Probolinggo - Cemoro Lawang (Gunung Gunung Tour) Bromo) - Ranu Pane and Ranu Kumbolo.

Kumbolo Lake Camping Tour 2 Days


  • We pick you up in Surabaya / Malang in the morning. and depart for Ranu pane Semeru (the climbing gate to Mount Semeru). After arriving at Ranu Pane, take care of climbing permits and check luggage then begin climbing towards Ranu Kumbolo. Climbing about 3 km will be taken for approximately 4-5 hours of trekking. Arriving at Ranu Kumbolo location, set up Camping tent and spend the night enjoying Milky Way Kumbolo Lake.


  • In the morning around 05:00 prepare to see the sunrise at Ranu Kumbolo. After breakfast, we will head to the hill of love at Ranu Kumbolo and the meadow. Around 10:00 preparation to return to Ranupane for 4-5 hours. Arriving in Ranupane, proceed with a trip back to Malang / Surabaya / Hotel and Kumbolo Lake Camping Tour 2 Days is complete.

Kumbolo Lake Camping Tour 2 Days Facilities:

  • Private Transport Air Conditioning Shuttle From Surabaya / Malang / Hotel
  • Jeep Ke Ranu Pane PP
  • 1 night stay in a tent (Ranu Kumbolo)
  • Ticket for Ranu Kumbolo and Permission climbing
  • Camping equipment, Sleeping Bag and Mattress when in Lake Ranu Kumbolo
  • Eat during Camping at Ranu Kumbolo

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Kumbolo Lake Camping Tour 2 Days