Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour 2 Days


Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour 2 Days

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour 2 Days | Bromo Miky Way - Mount Bromo not only has the beauty of the sunrise and the sea of sand and the active crater, but Mount Bromo also has another phenomenon that is very interesting to observe, namely the Milky Way.

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour is one of the favorite packages for photography lovers, because the Milkyway can only be seen by professional cameras and the photography community who can see the Milky Way phenomenon. The beauty of the Milkyway in the Bromo Mountains is one of the ideal spots for photographers.

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour 2 Days

Milky Way In simple terms, many people interpret the Milkyway as a star scattered across the vast sky. The name Milky Way is a translation from the Greek, γαλαξίας κύκλος (galaxías kýklos, "milky circle"). From Earth, the Milky Way will look like a pile of light that stretches wide with a certain length which is certainly very beautiful. No wonder we see the Milky Way like a pile of stars because it is estimated that the Milkyway contains 100 - 400 Billion stars or there may be at least 100 billion planers in the Bima Sakti.

Mt. Bromo has various convenience place to take Milkyway Photography such as Mentigen Hill, Seruni Point Peak, Love Hill, Kingkong Hill and Pananjakan (the highest top in 2.770 m). Before you enjoy Milky Way on Mount Bromo.

You must start from Surabaya Airport in the morning around 08.00 – 10.00 AM. In order you can have more time to relax in your Hotel because Bromo Milky Way Photography started at Midnight from your hotel by using the Jeep 4 WD. Detail itinerary of Bromo Milky Way tour, You can read more below.

Bromo Milky Way Tour from Surabaya, Banyuwangi, Bali Island :

Day 01 : Surabaya – Hotel Arround Mount Bromo

  • Pick you up by AC (air conditioned) tourist car from Surabaya, (Airport, Hotel, Train Station, Harbor) then accompany you to your hotel at Bromo Volcano area.
  • After you reach your hotel, Stay all night while enjoy the environment or circumstance.

Day 02 : Bromo Milky Way – Bromo Tour Sunrise – Drop Off

  • 11.00 AM Wake you up for preparing then start Enjoy Mount Bromo Milky Way at 11:30 AM by the jeep bromo tour 4WD to take you to Pananjakan (the higest summit at 2,770 m).
  • get the Jeep Parking in Kingkong Hill area, walking for 10 minutes to the view point then enjoy Milky Way until satisfied and finish at 05.00 AM then waiting for Bromo Tour Sunrise at 05.20 AM and enjoy the view until finish and satisfied then comeback to your Jeep to continue your trip to the Crater by stop at Sea of Sand (parking lot).
  • get the Sea of Sand (parking lot) then start trekking to Bromo Crater for 30 minutes or you can take the horse transportation for 15 minutes.
  • after get Bromo Crater, enjoy your time until satisfied and comeback to your hotel for 15 minutes driving.
  • Get your Hotel then have breakfast, take Shower and relax until ready to check out.
  • Check out from your hotel and comeback to Surabaya, Banyuwangi or Bali, After you reach your location request, finish your holiday.

Facility for Bromo Milky Way Tour Package :

  • Private driver and AC (air condition) travel car by shuttle
  • Private Jeep 4 WD for Picking Up service from Hotel to highest peak by shuttle
  • Transportaion fuel, parking fee and travel tax
  • Mineral drinking along the tour
  • Hotel and Breakfast
  • Entrance Fee
  • Parking fee
  • First aid kid

Mount Bromo Tour Package Option finish Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi and Bali :

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Information :

The best time to see the Milky Way in the Mount Bromo area is in June - October because at that time the weather in the Bromo area is very bright and of course very cold conditions, but the most appropriate thing is when there is no moonlight. so from 20-10 on the Javanese calendar.

How To Book Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour Package 2 Days ?

If you are interested in booking or want to know the prices and facilities of the choice of Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater Tour Packages 3 Days 2 Nights, then please contact us by whatsapp at +6282330535758 or send us an email at []

We offer a variety of payment options. You can pay by cash payment, or send us a bank transfer.

For those who want to enjoy their trip even more, we recommend taking an (4 days 3 nights), which includes: Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls. Also read : Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Waterfall Tour

Note : If you choose Mount Bromo camping tour, you can automatically enjoy the Milky Way. Milky way can be seen at any time as long as the weather is sunny and the best time is not during the full moon.

Our Tour Operator Of East Java Indonesia, not only provide Milky Way Photography on Bromo Volcano. But also available on Ijen Crater, Papuma Beach, Semeru Summit and other mountain peak. For detail information about tour package price, Bromo Tour Package, Semeru Trekking Tour You can visit Our contact.

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour 2 Days