Route to the Summit B29 Argosari Lumajang


Peak Of B29 Argosari Lumajang

Peak Of B29 Argosari Lumajang | One of the interesting places to visit in the Lumajang area, East Java is named Puncak B29. The name is unique, but tourists also know it as "Country Above Clouds".

From the top of the hill we can see the expanse of sea of ​​white clouds and will feel the sensation of being above the clouds. B29 is an acronym from Bukit 2,900 masl. In this place you can see the view of Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru from different sides.

The location of the hill is in Argosari Village, Senduro District, Kab. Lumajang East Java. The peak height of B29 is higher than Mount Bromo which is "only" 2,393 meters above sea level. Peak B29, Mount Bromo, and Mount Semeru, all belong to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS).

Actually there are two tourist attractions here that are still natural, namely B30 with the same path, B30 is different above the peak of B2, so we are sure you choose a very appropriate vacation if you go both of these places.

Route to the Summit B29 Argosari Lumajang

There are three paths to enjoy the beauty of B29. The most common route is through Lumajang ,. From the center of Lumajang City to Senduro with a travel time of about two hours, the length of the trip is around 40 km. From there then head to Argosari Village, then by motorcycle taxi to the top of B29.

The second path is through Jempang, Bromo. Towards Bromo can be accessed using a motorcycle or jeep, then from the sea of ​​sand continue the trail that takes approximately two hours.

The path that travelers think is the best to be enjoyed is via Lumajang. Transportation access in Argosari Village is relatively easy. From Lumajang city, you can take the direction of Senduro sub-district, passing Mandara Giri Semeru Agung Temple, to the village of Kandang Tepus. After the village of Kandang Tepus, you will pass a steep road without occupants and arrive at the last hamlet of Argosari.

The distance from Lumajang city to Argosari village is around 40 km. When you reach the entrance of Argosari village, you will be contacted by motorcycle taxi drivers, the majority of whom are Argosari villagers themselves. These are very friendly villagers. They offer motorcycle taxi services to take you to the peak area of ​​B29.

The distance is about 8 km which is taken for 30 minutes using a motorcycle taxi. If you want to do trekking, it doesn't hurt either. It's just that the trip will definitely take a long time, about 4 to 5 hours.

In the peak area of ​​B29 stands several stalls selling some food and drinks. The average trader who mushroomed in the peak location of B29 sells instant noodles, some snacks, and some drinks like tea, coffee, and the like. At least it can warm your body temporarily from the cold mountain air.

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Note : If you plan to visit B29 Summit, make sure you don't get the wrong costume. Like activities on the mountain, wear warm clothes like a rather thick jacket. You can also wear mountain sandals or mountain shoes to protect your feet. happy vacation and have fun

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Peak Of B29 Argosari Lumajang